The hard work (probably) begins

So just a quick update on the planning of the Varsity media coverage at Staffs Uni, which I’m heading up for One Media Group (OMG). It was meetings galore in the past few days but it’s all positive and it suddenly feels as though things are picking up pace.

Firstly I updated the rest of OMG management about what the plan was for the day. Less of a discussion, more of a briefing. Plus its always a good start when everyone just sits there and listens to you then goes, “Yeah, sounds good to us.” Got a few suggestions as well such as doing some pre-recorded stuff to go out on the day in the hour before we go live which I’ll probably set into motion.

Next myself, OMG Tech Manager Oliver Needham and my deputy Michael Redford met our Students’ Union and representatives of StaffsTV on Tuesday evening to come to some accord as to our joint approach to the event. Hopefully on the day there’ll be some sort of media hub based near the epicentre of the venues which will create a really good atmosphere not only in our makeshift studio but also around the campus.

Then yesterday we met KUBE, who are our equivalents at Keele Uni (our competitors). It was actually a very smooth meeting (the joint interest in media clearly overcoming the barriers of wanting to hammer them on Varsity day on the pitch). A bit of joint working with them is also being planned, particularly when it comes to the football commentary.

However there are some tech problems to solve before the day, though I feel more than safe leaving them to Oliver to sort. Internet access is going to be an issue as we’ll be streaming our radio coverage from our outside studio while StaffsTV will sending back video (which will take a massive chunk of bandwidth) and then there’s KUBE on top of that (albeit probably from a different location on campus). That’s as well as the simple things like everyone having enough plug sockets and trying not to trip over the wires.

The more exciting stuff that members of the sports team at OMG will be interested in (if they’re reading this) is that my initial roster is almost done. We’ve got every sport covered, usually with two people, as well as most of the presenting slots filled. I’ve also identified the guy’s who’ll need to audition for the rugby commentary we hope to provide and started filling out the presenting slots, though there are spaces for non-sports guys as well. After that it’ll be on to the other jobs (news headlines, editing written and audio reports, producing) and then I’ll hopefully be able to dish it out come the end of this week before I go gallivanting off for a birthday meal.

So if you are a member of the OMG Sports Department, keep an eye on Facebook this week. You never know what might appear on our page…


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