Let the job hunting begin

So amongst everything else that’s going on at the moment, like many third year student’s I’m starting to look for jobs ready for after I graduate. Finding jobs is actually nice and easy; the main problem is finding ones that actually apply to me.

A lot of the stuff that comes up, even when searching under graduate opportunities, junior roles, that sort of thing (because job search websites are that helpful), actually aren’t suitable for a graduate wanting to break into journalism. Now as much as we’re told to disregard that to some extent and try and push ourselves to get the best jobs we can, it’s very unlikely any graduate will be able to get a senior journalist job (yes, listed as a graduate opportunity).

The other challenge has been when I have applied for jobs which have the phrase “would be perfect for a journalism graduate” etc., when I am rejected and I get some brief feedback, I’m told those that got interviews had all held similar positions before. While I understand that phrases such as the above don’t mean it’s only open to grads, at least remove it from the job descriptor if the likelihood is you won’t ask any to interview.

Anyway, my preference for a first time job would be in sports journalism. Again, nice challenge to get me started. Some people are lucky and do make it into sport straight away, but the majority of journalism graduates (we are told) don’t and have to start in news and work their way into sport. As such I’ve been applying for both sports and news jobs so far. With no success in either.

So if you have anything for an ambitious sports journalism just about to graduate from university (or even in news), drop me a line, yeah?


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