Catch up time

So this is the first post for quite a while. Apologies for that. The busy life of a uni student and all that. Or something like that… Anyway, lot’s been happening, most significantly the Staffs Uni Varsity competition against Keele Uni which I’ve only just recovered from.

On the day it was a loss for Staffs (actually it was quite a big loss), but the key point for me was that the coverage of the event by our student radio station One Media Radio (for which I’m Head of Sport) went fantastically. I’d been working on how we were going to provide the best and most comprehensive coverage of the day and I think we did that. With reporters at every event and two live commentaries (from the men’s rugby and football) meant students listening were kept up to date and could hear reports, interviews and the latest scores throughout the day, as well as listen to live sport from the two commentaries in the evening.

I’m actually dead chuffed with how the whole day went and, as many people say every year, it really feels like you’re working for a professional sports radio station, with the great atmosphere provided by the crowds, the quality sporting performances which crop up and the rush of having to work to tight deadlines and create accurate, tight content first tim every time.

I’ve not yet got round to going through all the footage featuring me to upload it onto here but you can listen to my contribution to the first half of the football commentary in the portfolio section of the site.

Since then I’ve moved on to the work needed for my final year project (FYP). As a third year I have to create a portfolio of associated work to hand in at the beginning of May which will be a large percentage of my final degree classification. I can’t just use work I’ve already done; it has to be new, original and all the content in the portfolio has to be linked by an over-arching theme. I’ve chosen to do mine on young sports people who are trying to play or already are playing at the elite level of their sport, and how they manage to combine this with education. Hopefully I’ll be able to put a few pieces up here and the work will include written copy, audio, photography and video, so there’ll be plenty of stuff to have a look at. So far I’ve been to talk to a couple of players on the England Cricket Board’s Elite Development Programme and Harry Martin, one of the youngest members of the England and GB hockey team.

This is going to be taking up an awful lot of my time over the next few weeks as, of course, a lot of work is involved in getting it right. But look out for bits and pieces as they come up on here – hopefully they’ll be worth a watch!


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